Friday, March 18, 2011

The Camera Tells All

There is something mystical about the lens of my camera that allows me to see deeper into the created world than my own eyes allow me to see. The way the manipulation of light, and time allows beautiful images to appear makes me feel as though my camera is a gift from God that allows me to understand the gift of creation more deeply than by the mere workings of my humanness.

I was at a formation workshop a few months ago in which the image of the photographer was brought into conversation. The woman on the video we were watching suggested that our cameras distract us from the reality of what is in front of us. I have heard many people share these same sentiments when they say there are some things a camera cannot capture. I would argue, while there is some truth to a camera not being able to capture everything, there is also a whole heck of lot that we cannot capture without the camera.

I've spoken before of the contemplative nature of my photography. My Sony SLR and I have a holy and reverent and at times rapturous relationship. These past few days we went away together, me, my camera, and God. I spent some time in the woods . . . well as "woods" as you can find in Delaware County. The hermitage is simple, only the basics, but that is all that is needed when one goes on vacation with Jesus, for the Lord provides more than this world has to offer!

I cannot share everything, after all a girl doesn't kiss and tell . . . and in many ways God shared holy-intimate kisses with me. But what I can share is what my camera captured of God's gift to me this week, for the camera tells all.


  1. I totally agree with you re: the camera- pictures allow us to re-flect and we often see other things. Savor this time of grace, Sara, you are God's beloved always, but in a special way now. You are blessed to be called to these Sisters and I know they are delighted with you.

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, I am very blessed! And yes, I will "savor this time of grace."--what a beautiful way of putting it! Thanks!

  3. Beautiful photos! Oh how I wish that I could have gone with you. Lovely...thanks for sharing.