Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Lady of the Valley

It's a hideaway shortly down the road from your typical East Coast town, and as I walked down the dark back road with nothing more than the light of Sister Moon shining before me I felt a deep peace that this is home.  Our Lady of the Valley is a quiet spot of serenity in the midst of comings and goings.  There was a process of discernment that led me to this local community that was most certainly headed by the Holy Spirit--I feel I belong.  The sisters with whom I live were beyond welcoming to me and have from day one embraced me as their sister--I too embrace them as mine!

There is a certain level of uncertainty that accompanies any time of transition, maybe I am overly optimistic or maybe I am delusional, but it feels so right to be here that any uncertainty seems to fade to the background.  I have been fully initiated as a "Valley Girl."  Seems so fitting given the 80s were the backdrop of my childhood!  Totally for sure!

I suppose if I am honest there is one frustration, the lock on my driver's side car door stopped working . . . so I've been climbing in from the passenger side!  It was quite funny when leaving ministry tonight to notice the faces of people watching me get into my car.  But alas, this is only temporary, I hope it can be fixed soon . . .

All in all I must say I am happy.  No, not just happy . . . there is a deep joy and peace.  It's as if I cannot imagine my life looking any different than it does at this moment!  Peace and All Good!

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  1. Oh, Sara! What a beautiful "snapshot" of True Franciscan life! You capture Joy, Humor, Beauty, and abiding Love...
    thank you for YOU.
    xo, debby x.