Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Keeper Moments"

Twenty Four hours ago I walked into the convent after having traveled around Florida for ten days. I had been visiting family, going on retreat, and attending the Catholic Campus Ministry Association's National Convention. Last night I returned home. Lugging my luggage clumsily through the door I was welcomed by Maureen and Joan who had the fire place roaring, the wine poured, and chips and salsa ready to eat!

The whole scene made my heart happy, but the thing that most amazed me was that it was nearing 11 pm and they were both awake enough to sit and listen to my travel stories. In a conversation earlier in the day Joan had shared with me that they were staying up to welcome me home, it honestly made my day! It may seem cheesy but I have missed them greatly . . . I suppose in the end that's a pretty great confirmation as far as discernment goes, yet at the same time it makes me sad thinking that in a few months I will be leaving.

For now, in the words of Scarlet O'Hara, "I will think about that tomorrow."

As for today . . .

Snowy weather made its impression on the area. Once again we ventured out in hopes of making a snowman, or as Joan insists, "snowperson," but alas we waited too late into the evening when the snow had become un-packable. We did however, successfully build a miniature snowperson from the snow ball Maureen snuck in the house in an attempt to attack us. Our little snowperson sat on the kitchen window sill but lived a short life as none of us were willing to turn down the heat to create a proper home for our little snow buddy.

The flake of parsley sitting behind her head reminds me of the palm trees I just left behind in the Sunshine State. I can't believe just one day ago I was walking around in short sleeves and now I'm bundled to face 20 degree weather!

This short reflection may not seem like much, but it's these moments that are quickly growing to define my experience this year, because these are the moments that life takes place, these are the moments within true joy, friendship, and love are shared--freely given, and freely received. Last week on retreat we spoke of "keeper moments"--those moments you hold onto because of their sacredness in your story. This year is quickly filling up with "keeper Moments" that I hope will sustain me for years to come in this wild and amazing journey on which I find myself!


  1. This comment isn't really about this particular entry but about all of them put together. I often say, I would love to win the lottery so that I could practice law without worrying about making money to pay bills. If I won the lottery I could represent the people I want to represent and spend as much time as needed to do the best job possible without the constraint of how much the people could afford. As it is I usually spend more time than I bill for but I can't stay in business too long if I do that too much.

    I then thought about your vocation and the freedom that actually comes with it. It is like winning the lottery and not having to worry about making money to pay the bills while doing your life's work. Congratulations on winning the lottery.


  2. Mama,

    Thank you so much, not only for your comment but for being the one that made it a possibility for my life--for raising me in a faith that has brought me to a deeper understanding of God's love for me and my purpose in this life--for teaching me by example the importance of a faith community through your faithful dedication in my childhood years of attending your prayer group--for always loving me more--and for supporting me in this time in my life!

    I love you!