Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"The Best Kept Secret"

Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle in which you were surprised to find two pieces, that did not appear to be a match, end up to be a perfect match?

Moving into this community, and not just my sisters here at Corpus Christi, but the whole community, I often found myself thinking of that Sesame Street song, "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong, can you tell which thing is not like the others by the time I finish my song?" But somewhere in the midst of these past six months those obvious differences have blurred, making it more and more difficult to distinguish "the thing not like the others."

Of course there are outwardly distinguishable things, age, style of dress, inability to keep a tidy room . . . but those things that matter? The things that truly make up the fiber of our beings? Those things have blended together and have become indistinguishable differences. We are unique women bound together by the common thread of faith and spirituality. I do not get nervous over many things, but I must admit when moving to Corpus Christi Convent I experienced more than my share of nervousness. I would imagine the sisters here were just as, if not more, nervous about my coming as well. There were so many outward differences, how would we ever live the day to day?

The reality is, there is no formula of how to logistically do it, it is something one must live into and experience. The reality is, it is in the day to day that we continually grow and over time we become more solidly, one, unified community. The reality is, with out just doing it one will never know!

In the beginning I often wondered what others thought when I was out with my sisters, but now I simply don't care. The truth is, anyone who took the time to understand what we have found together would realize that it is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. A couple weeks ago Sr. Mary Craig and I were out to dinner, in sharing my happiness and excitement over taking the next step she shared that religious life, to her, feels like the "best kept secret." I agree! But you can only find it by jumping in and trying it on--Like a dress that looks hideous on the rack but gorgeous on!

Throughout these past few months I have been inviting myself to different communities to get to know more sisters--yes, that's right, in some worlds self-invites seem a little rude and tacky, but they've been working for me! Last week I had an opportunity to share a meal with a fabulous group in Wilmington, Sisters Vicky, Assunta, Bernadette, Bridget, and Anne. We had such a great time together. At the end of the evening I shared with them that the more opportunities I have to be around groups of sisters the more I realize this is it! This is where I want to spend the rest of my life, in a community of women who genuinely love and support each other and who know how to have fun!

Yes, the best kept secret! I'm so glad I found it!


  1. YOu have found the best kept secret- get it out there!

  2. Thanks!!! I hope my writing can inspire more people to seek out and discern religious life as a real option in their lives. It really has been an amazing ride and I continue to look forward to each step, to witness how it has brought me into a deeper understanding of self, others, world, and God! Thanks!