Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Self Invites: Courting the Community

Typically it is considered rude to invite yourself to a person's house for dinner right? Well, when you are 28 in a predominantly older community self invites are all relative! I have been inviting myself to all sorts of sisters homes over these past few months and every one of my requests has been received with a warm welcome, amazing food, and fantastic company!

One of the sisters with whom I live once asked me how I determine where I invite myself, the answer is really easy. One of two ways, either I see the sister at a function, or out and about and something about her makes me want to know her better, or I simply go through the photo directory and play Eni Mini Mini Mo.

Am I crazy? Probably! But it has proven to be the best way to get to know the congregation as a whole. And in reality, if I were dating a guy I would probably do the same thing, "can I come over tonight and hang out?" It's my way of courting the community.

Over the past week I have had two dinner dates that have just put me on top of the world. Last Monday I had dinner with Sisters Margaret and Mary Theresa. I met them at their apartment where we shared a bit, and prayed a bit. I even had the opportunity to meet other sisters in their apartment complex when we stopped by to return Sr. Hildegard's prayer book. Then, they took me to their favorite Italian eatery, the Olive Garden.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I thoroughly enjoy the company of women so many years . . . um . . . wiser than me!

Last year I was invited to Sisters Nora, Miriam Eileen, and Mary's for dinner, upon leaving they told me that the plant sitting on the table was their gift to me. Unfortunately there is no green in my thumb. I wish there was, my grandfather was an amazing gardener who attempted in every way to pass his talent on, but somehow it just never made its way to me! I forgot about the plant and left for a month in India and Nepal. Needless to say I killed it. At the time I was not living in community.

Last Monday, Sisters Margaret and Mary Theresa also gave me a plant. What's up with Franciscan's and plants??? I guess it's the whole love of creation thing! The beauty of this plant however, is that now that I am living in community it has a MUCH HIGHER chance of survival!!! In fact Maureen just watered it this morning!

Last night I spent a lovely dinner with Sisters Rose Raymond and Marie Francine, thankfully they just gave me meatballs and no plant! I don't think I could handle caring for two plants at once! Seriously though, I had a wonderful time! They are fantastic and FUNNY women who have enlivened me!

I suppose I should reign myself in from this rambling. But I felt I must share these experiences because they deepen and enrich my ability to continue to say yes to this path on which I find myself! These women have lived their lives with no regrets of the choices they have made and have openly shared that they wouldn't change a thing! I hope that through the years I too will be able to make that same statement!

I guess when you find where God is calling you there is no regrets, only faith, hope, and love.--AMEN.

P.S. I also accept invites as well!

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