Monday, September 6, 2010

The Return on My Investment

There is a question on my heart. Is the Spirit speaking to me through everything that surrounds me in the world, or am I more attentive to a God who is always communicating with me? In this morning's gospel we heard the parable of the talents. It always surprises me when I hear a scripture passage for the bazillionth time and yet I hear something completely new. Today, listening to the responses of those who "invested wisely," I heard the voice of Mother Mary Francis Bachmann speaking those same words that she shared with her sisters so long before me, "no risk, no gain." So true!

What talents do I bury, and where, and why? There are things I must learn to cultivate in my own life so that when I reach the pearly gates God does not say to me, "you wicked, lazy servant!"

The beauty of Mother Bachmann's words, and the truth of the parable of the talents rests in the reality of the return on one's investment. It is not the master alone who benefits from the servant's work. When I risk the yes, I too benefit from the gain. That is the beauty of the world God has created for us. It may not always be an obvious return, but if we spend the time to allow our experiences to transform us, the Spirit will show us the way.

I know this to be true because I have begun to experience the small returns on my own investment. There is an immense hope that has begun to build within me as I experience these small gifts. There is a hope that builds within me as I realize that something much greater is to come. Like the Hover dam holding back the mighty waters of the Colorado River, I wonder what is on the other side!

As I wrap up my thoughts for the night I sit here at the community computer distracted by the television in the other room. Train's new song, Soul Sister was playing as the background to a commercial. Just as I was about to open my mouth to sing along I heard Sr. Joan burst into her own yeah yeah yeah yeah, hey soul sister . . . how perfect is this fit that a few weeks ago I was so incredibly hesitant to embrace! When I risk, I will gain!

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