Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Takes More Than Fried Bananas

The meal was simple, but the aroma that wafted through the air was filled with the promise of tasty goodness! It was Tuesday night, my night to cook, Joan and Maureen were digging into the fajitas I had prepared at Joan's suggestion (for which I was grateful as earlier that day I had no clue what I was going to prepare for dinner). As an added palatable pleasure I decided to make fried bananas.

As I shared this treat with the girls I rather smartly proclaimed, "I have to do something to earn my keep!" Simultaneously Joan and Maureen had very different reactions. Joan smiled and sweetly said something about not needing to "earn" my keep, they'd keep me anyway. Maureen on the other hand shared her sarcastic side by quickly blurting out, "it's gonna take more than fried bananas girl!" to which the three of us burst into laughter!

That Sr. Maureen, she's quick on her feet in a way that comes out of no where!

These two reactions have been on my mind throughout this week, partly because the title "It Takes More Than Fried Bananas" was just too good to pass up, but also because I think the two reactions are profound examples of my favorite two aspects of the community we have built here at Corpus Christi--Love and Laughter.

I truly feel loved here. There are times I walk through the door after a difficult and challenging day to sisters sitting in the prayer room welcoming me home. They embrace me as I am, listening to me, and supporting me. I remember days when I would return home to an empty apartment I desperately attempted to make "home." I think my definition of home will always include people with whom to share my life.

They say 8 minutes of hard laughter is just as good as an 8 minute ab workout, let me tell you if that were truly the case we would be well on our way to flat and toned tummies in this convent! I am thrilled to be in a community that understands the importance of fun! It is through the silly moments that I become more closely bound to my sisters!

And so yes Maureen, you are correct! It DOES take more than fried bananas, it takes the love to be real and compassionate and the laughter to embrace the totality of the human soul. It is through the offering of these two pieces of ourselves that we find our keep!


  1. Sara, you are a gift! Keep up the joy and writing.

  2. Awe, thank you so much! I do love to write, it's just a gift to me to have so many reading my thoughts!!! Thanks!!

  3. Sisters Maureen and Joan- two of my favorite sisters too!

  4. Well done, Sara!! As always! Have a great holiday.