Monday, November 1, 2010

Reflections: Mirrors into our Souls

It's time for bed. Pajamas on, tucked in under heavy blankets, space heater humming away, alarm set for the awful hour of 6 am, and I cannot sleep! I am high on the excitement of a wonderful night. I spent this evening with a fantastic sister, a woman I have felt drawn to and captivated by for a while. We enjoyed each other's company over a delicious meal, sharing stories, faith, laughter, and learning a little more about each other.

In the context of our conversing we talked a little bit about my blogging experience. She shared a unique perspective with me tonight on her own experience of reading my blog. She expressed that what was particularly enjoyable was that my writing reflects back to the sisters their own lives. As I sit here tonight, contemplating this thought of reflection, I cannot help but love the image of a mirror. We are mirrors into each other's souls, what I reflect back to you assures you of your faithful following of God's call in your life. Just as what you reflect back to me assures me of my own desire to live the life to which so many of you have said, "yes!"

It seems lately there is a theme emerging in my writing, a theme of the desire for and need of community in discovering who exactly I am called to be in this life. I spoke last week of the cyclical nature of inspiration, and tonight I speak of reflecting to each other our true selves. If I can be my true self, and the community can reflect that back to me, then I must be on the right path . . .

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