Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn Syrup Arms Versus the Rotted Rubber Band

Did you ever play with a Stretch Armstrong doll? I use to play with one when I was a young girl, I remember my best friend had one, we were amazed at how far Stretch could stretch without breaking in half. Sometimes we would put the full force of our weight on him, pulling in opposition. Never did he crumble.

Unfortunately I am no Stretch Armstrong. My limbs are not made of corn syrup filled latex. And so when I am stretched I react much more like a rotted rubber band that snaps in two than the action figure that always returns to his original size.

Community, work, family, and friends has become a balancing act for which I was not completely prepared. I wish that I could be home more often, at dinner more frequently with my community, I suppose what it comes down to is wishing to either be endowed with super human powers or to be granted more hours in each day. Seeing as neither one of those outcomes are likely ones I better keep working on balance.

Life situations at present make this balance a challenge, I am hoping that in a few months things will settle down and I will have a little more time to myself. I am feeling very low energy lately and worried that I'm running myself into the ground. But I am also not so sure I know what to do about it. I cannot simply not go to work (although sometimes I'd like to), I cannot disengage from family or community obligations (and would not want to), and at least every once in a while I would like to see my friends (because it's important to).

This is where I turn to Saint Jude, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, because the reality is I am not sure how to find balance in my life right now.

There is however, one thing that makes the imbalance livable, and that is a community that supports me through the craziness. One of the things that has most surprised me about my community is there willingness to work with my schedule and to support me emotionally and physically through the uneven terrain I maneuver.

Saturday, as part of the Homecoming festivities at work, I performed in a faculty/staff talent show to raise money for a scholarship. I assumed, due to the late hour, and the distance my work is from home, that my community would not be able to make it. I was completely surprised then when I walked out of the dressing room and saw them standing there ready for the show! I almost cried, of course I'm an emotional person so really that does not say much, HOWEVER, they truly made my night, and I hope that they realize that!

So when the rotted rubber band is winning the battle of balance in my life and I feel like I'm ready to snap in half, I am thankful for the understanding and supportive community I have been placed into here at Corpus Christi.

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  1. I'm glad tha happened for you, Sara. I think that's all part of the give & take that makes up community. Sort of like the fact that I dislike sports but won't always run and find something else to do or someplace else to hide out when sports are on the TV. And conversely, that the sports lovers seek out my opinion about what else to watch at other times. It's a little thing but you know the old saying--"little things mean a lot."