Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration is Cyclical

You just never know how your life can inspire others. You go about your life, you work, you feel overwhelmed by the ten thousand things on the back burner that you left the kitchen forgetting about, and then one day you walk home and there is a small green envelope sitting outside your door. A very dear friend with whom you have not spoken to in an embarrassingly long time has dropped you the most beautiful letter that has turned your day from one of shambles into smiles.

That dear friend is mine, and that letter was outside my door upon arriving home from work late this evening. On a day I most felt alone in this world I received a beautifully written letter that reminded me that I am loved. This friend wrote to me to share that I had become an inspiration in her life, that my decision to discern religious life in today's society has inspired her, little does she know of the many times she has inspired me to leap!

I want to share her words, not only because they are beautifully written, but because their meaning is so profound that I want to share it in hopes that it may inspire others.

She writes, "your discernment is an inspiration, Sara. I mean that in all truthfulness--I am inspired by your journey of discernment, by your leap of faith, by your actively searching for your calling, by your ability to live, love, grow and pray through any fear that accompanies this life shift, change, decision."

Well friend, if I'm completely honest you were a major part of my leap of faith. You have jumped so many times in your own faith life into the unknown worlds that have brought you into deeper relationship with God's people in such a way that I was the one who was inspired!

Inspiration is cyclical! In the greatest experience of Christian community we continually inspire each other into life changes that draw us deeper into the reality of the paschal mystery. Your life calls me to honestly follow God's call in my own life which in turn draws you deeper into your own vocational call. How cool is that?!

Tonight I set my frustration of life aside and sit in the silence of this dark and quiet night to thank God for this friend. Though distance and time have attempted to make their mark on our friendship God has drawn us ever closer. I love you friend and I too pray for your discernment. Si Dios quiere. Dios te bendiga, te amo siempre!

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