Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Thumbs Up From Matthew

Two thumbs up from Matthew, that's what I got when Joan introduced me to the students at Corpus Christi School. As we traveled from class to class and grade to grade the students had many good questions: Why do you want to become a sister? Specifically why the Franciscans? When did you know you wanted to be a sister? Out of everyone's reaction, however, Matthew's exuberant "yeah!" accompanied with two thumbs up was by far my favorite.

In some ways I would imagine Matthew's "yeah!" to be similar to the reaction God had when I finally took this latest step. And in many ways it was an expression of my own excitement over this adventure on which I find myself.

I have been living in community for a month now, and every day I'm uncovering new aspects of community that support my yes. This past weekend it was the ability to go away and have fun together that drew me deeper into my understanding of this community. In many ways "praying" together comes easy to me . . . but "playing" together is trickier. There was a moment in the car ride down to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend that I became very aware of . . . how do I put this delicately . . . let's say I became very aware of the fact that I was a bit younger than the others in the car. This very point intrigues many of my friends and family. And to be honest, sometimes it doesn't always make sense to myself, but after this weekend together I can surely say there is something about it that just works!

As we sat on the balcony overlooking the ocean, sharing stories, and laughs I was reminded of the many hours I sat on the porch of the duplex in Dayton with my friends in graduate school. As we played games, watched a movie, ate s'mores, played miniature golf, and simply sat in each other's presence the earlier feeling of the disparity in age disappeared leaving only sisterhood. I felt as I do with any of my friends, free, happy, comfortable, and at peace.

I cannot help but feel the reality of the Christian community through experiences like the one I had this weekend. I think that what we find when we let go of numbers and labels is who we really are inside, which allows us to love more freely. I hope that I am bringing something to this community, but I know that they are bringing something to me. And like Matthew's two thumbs up I too give my two thumbs up!

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  1. I miss being together at the duplex!!!

    Glad you are finding so much joy and life in this new step, Sarita. You're in my thoughts and prayers :)