Sunday, October 31, 2010

"A Cajun Killing"

It's August 1905, we were three days on the Magnolia Queen cruising down the Mississippi when tragedy struck! Benton Thorne IV was MURDERED, stabbed to death in his state room! Everyone had their reasons for not liking the man, but who felt strongly enough about it to kill him?!

This was the big question Friday night when Rose Thorne, Captain Jack LeBad, Marty Graw, Candy Barr, Allie Gator, and Rag Time Joe gathered over dinner to solve a murder!

Among the suspects a few Sisters of Saint Francis showed up to cast blame on who they thought done it!

What better way to celebrate Halloween weekend than with a Murder Mystery Dinner Party?! A fun time was had by all as we uncovered the truth behind the characters present.

As I sit here sharing, knowing that my blog is about discerning religious life, I feel I must reflect for a moment on why I am writing about this particular evening. It is actually not hard to come up with a reason for sharing. Too often religious life is placed into a box, a box that is quite narrow. This box is simply not the reality! Sisters choose to live their lives in intentional community, praying, eating, sharing, and caring for each other, but they also have fun, laugh, party, and enjoy one another's company like any single or married person would!

Living in community has been one of the greatest gifts of my discernment. We are all very much a like and very much different all at the same time. We don't just coexist like roommates sharing an apartment, we live together as family. We care about what each person thinks and feels, which sometimes can be a challenge when we don't understand where the other is coming from . . . but in the end we choose to love!

Many people have asked me if I'm really going to be able to "give up" what is required to be a sister . . . but the reality is that I will be gaining so much more than I could have imagined.

Friday night I played Allie Gator, a young and beautiful girl disguised as a dock boy to stow away on the Magnolia Queen. I was not who I appeared to be, but in time, through questioning, my true identity was revealed! I think there is a connection to be made here . . . religious life, like questioning the suspects onboard the riverboat, is something worth discovering!

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