Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Coming to Birth"

The night is still, even the city air is void of sirens and honking cars, and in the quiet of my room I sit with a grateful heart. A friend the other day expressed that this has been "a great Advent." I am not sure that I can say it was "great," I've had my challenges, but it has been a good one! I believe I received a Christmas card from just about every area chapter in the community, along with countless letters of love and support of my decision to discern following Christ through the radical and challenging call of religious life.

Many sisters ask me how I am doing, with that twinkle in their eye insinuating more than just "how is your day going?" I answer them all honestly and sincerely when I say I am doing fabulously! It's like all of a sudden my entire life makes sense. I think for the longest time I was trying to stuff my circular self into a square hole. Realizing and accepting my "circularness" I find myself slipping easily into place. That is not to say this experience is without challenges, but somehow even the challenges seem less insurmountable when you find the life that fits you.

Advent is about preparation, preparing for both the traditional birth of Christ and the second coming of Christ. I received a Christmas card tonight that very beautifully gave me another lens by which to witness Christ's birth. The sister who sent me this card, along with a beautiful icon of Clare, wrote, "May you be blessed by the grace and wonder of the Incarnation as you continue to live into the mystery of God's continued coming to birth in you!" This I believe defines my Advent 2010, making room for the incarnation to occur within me!

Yesterday a friend shared with me her Advent prayer, a prayer she wrote and has allowed me to share with each of you. Kathy humbly gives authorship to God admitting that she is merely a vessel by which God can continue to speak to the world. She is a woman I admire, a friend I trust, and spiritual companion for which I thank God daily! Tonight, in the quiet of the darkened sky I close with her prayer:

The Advent "yes"

Advent is all about "yes".
It all began with a "yes" and continues in each of us as we say "yes".

Yes to the unknown.
Yes in the darkness.
Yes in the fear.
Yes in uncertainty.
Yes in not knowing our own strength.
Yes in not knowing God's strength.

Yes to potential.
Yes to blind faith.
Yes in trepidation.
Yes in persecution.
Yes in harsh judgement.

Yes to life.
Yes to fullness of Joy.
Yes in hope.
Yes to believing in Love and the One who loves you!!

May Advent bring you to a "yes".
May your relationship with God bring you to more Yeses.
And may your life be a melody of yes, to the god who loves you so dearly!!

May the confidence and comfort of this relationship enable you to say "yes",
Even if the yes is to simply say yes to five minutes of prayer or quiet.
God rejoices in each and every yes we give to Him.

This one small "yes" leads to the life of "yes" we witness in Mary, Jesus, and Joseph.

-Kathy McCauley 2010

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