Sunday, December 26, 2010

Creme Frozee

I was told this evening that I bring a whole new "youth" to Corpus Christi . . . I wonder what sort of youth they had before I arrived??? Actually to tell the truth, they all have just as much youth as I have, it's just mostly in their hearts . . . and in their snowball fighting skills!

If you told me last August that I would be PLAYING in the snow with the sisters with whom I was going to live with I probably would not have believed you--but today would have proved me wrong. Today, the first classified snow storm struck our area, actually the snow is still falling. Maureen and I just came in a little while ago from venturing out for some fun! Snow balls flew shortly after the business of shoveling the walk was complete. Falling across our front lawn I made a beautiful snow angel, I told the girls that when I lie down my true self is revealed!

As we took our frozen selves inside I decided to introduce Kathy and Maureen to Snow Ice Cream, a wonderful creation I discovered out of boredom during last year's snowpocolypse while housebound for days on end. A bowl full of snow, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and a few flicks of the wrist and voila--Snow Ice Cream! Or as Kathy calls it, Creme Frozee!

These unexpected and truly fun moments are strong reminders to me that you can never truly know what something will be like until you step right into the experience of it! Before entering into this adventure I wanted to know everything, to have all my questions answered before I would say "yes." What I have and continue to discover is that there is no way to know what the house looks like on the inside until you walk through the door! I'm so glad I chose to check it out, because what I'm finding is how much I long to stay!

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