Saturday, December 25, 2010

"To Touch and To Be Touched"

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!"--Buddy the Elf

As much as I enjoyed the Advent season this year I must admit it was challenging for me to get into the "Christmas Spirit." Maybe it was my work hours and the inability to find time to go shopping, enjoy company, and simply relax. Maybe it was the lack of true "CHRISTmas" carols played on the radio (if they played that stupid song "last Christmas I gave you my heart . . . " one more time . . . ) Maybe I have just been in a funk.

Whatever the reason I just couldn't find myself ready. That is until Christmas eve night. With the first notes struck on the organ and the voices of the choir melodiously ringing out through Our Lady of Angels Chapel I felt an overwhelming rush of all the spirit I had lacked throughout the season leading up to this moment! Had I not been attempting to control myself for the sake of singing in choir my eyes would have welled up with tears for the immense happiness I felt. I have spoken often lately about the feeling of "home" . . . as we sang Silent Night, beginning our celebration of Christmas together, I again felt that deep sense of "home." It was as if the restlessness of not feeling prepared was a long journey that lead to the place where you find you just belong.

My parents came to Christmas eve Mass at the Motherhouse. I was so thrilled that they came and enjoyed their time with the community. It meant a lot to me to have my two worlds come together in this way! Celebrating the birth of Christ I too celebrate the birthing of new relationships!

It is late, the sky is still and smells of the impending snow predicted to fall for the next two days. I would be remiss to not mention on this cold Christmas night the beauty of last nights homily. Fr. Cyprian's words brought me a new understanding of God's desire to be in relationship with us and my own desire to share those sentiments. He suggests that Jesus came into our world as a baby because God desires to "touch and be touched." Who can resist holding a beautiful baby, cradling him/her in your arms, hugging and kissing him/her? God desires this same relationship with us! "To touch and to be touched." This is God's desire. As I continue to reflect upon this Christmas message I realize the incarnation of Christ in so many of my own relationships. "To touch and to be touched," to love and to be loved, to give and to receive.

Praise you God for the gift of relationships, and bountiful blessings they have brought into my life!

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