Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Peace that Follows Answering the Call

Three hours should never be the answer to the question, "how long did it take you to get home from work?" But unfortunately that would be the truth if I were asked that very question this evening . . .

Three hours . . .

If you had told me at 2:30 this afternoon it would take that long I would have called up Pat and Eileen in a nano-second and said, "guess what? You have a visitor spending the night!" I am seriously going to put together an overnight bag to keep in my car for future occasions.

I know, you are probably all sitting there reading this thinking, "but it was only an inch!" Yes, that is true, but apparently an inch of snow in Delaware is the freaking Apocalypse! Sitting on I-95 for about an hour, creeping toward the 202 north exit painstakingly slow, and hearing on the radio that there were THREE accidents around MY EXIT I decided to take my chances exiting on 202 north, calling Joan in hopes of finding the back way.

Joan was wonderful, however, the traffic was not, it took all of five minutes waiting to turn off of 202 to regret getting off the highway! Did I mention that Nature had been calling for the past 30 minutes--I was ignoring her!!!

Joan was very kind in agreeing to stay with me on the phone (don't worry I had my ear piece on!!!) She waited out the insanity with me, and calmed me down when I was stressing out about the other drivers on the road. I'm a country girl deep down and city driving is NOT my forte! It stresses me out, not to mention mother nature becoming increasingly incessant with her calling!!!

I couldn't wait any longer, I felt like a three year old throwing a temper tantrum in the line for the women's restroom at an amusement park, or concert, or baseball game. . .

That Burger King cup from four days ago sat tempting me in the cup holder . . .

I desperately searched for a convenient spot to pull over but the winter shrubbery was quite bare making it difficult to find proper coverage for peeing in public! Not to mention I'm still on the phone with Joan, who claims "pulling my finger" will relieve the pain of holding it all in!

I was reaching my breaking point, in stopped traffic I used my coat to cover myself, and without divulging all my secrets of clothing removal, I went in the cup. All the while I was still talking to Joan about directions, when I rolled down my window to dispose of the contents of the Burger King cup, Joan asked what the noise was. . . I shyly admitted I couldn't wait anymore!

So, my theological reflection on peeing in my car . . . cause you know I have one! Sometimes we have urges, and sometimes they are simply too great to ignore. I believe God is like this in our lives, seriously stay with me, God calls us until we have no choice but to answer the call. God is patient in waiting but God is always there like Nature's call reminding us that there is something greater. This may sound ridiculous to some of you, but that feeling of relief is felt not only with answering Nature's call, but God's call as well. There is a great relief in finally saying "yes" to God. A peace so simple and yet so deeply profound!

Three years ago I sat in a bathroom stall with a friend in Chicago, having been in desperate need of a bathroom we theologized about that relief . . . I think there is something profound that is worth reflecting on, and so I challenge you, the next time you have to go . . . think of the peace that follows!


  1. Sara ...You are too much! But you know, I do believe that God speaks to us in the ordinary many times if we remain open to hear. Peace spn

  2. HA! I know I'm too much! I debated sharing and then realized, we ALL do stuff like this, we just don't talk about it! So, I'm breaking the silence . . .

    I received your card last night! Thanks so much! That was sweet of you. We shall catch up soon!


  3. Perhaps you've seen this graph: